TUFSY is a unique brand that offers unique jewelry and fine amber cosmetics.

TUSFY offers jewelry collections with amber and freshwater pearls set in precious metals,
propriately selected colors and proportions. Combining amber or pearls with silver results
in original symbiosis.

TUFSY jewelry is always made of 100% natural amber and real freshwater pearls,
in accordance with the highest jewelry technological standards.

Each nugget of amber used in their jewelry was created over 40 million years ago
- now it can become part of your history!

TUFSY is jewelry for women who want to feel elegant and shine out in the crowd.

Ladies will find inspiring accessories, perfectly highlighting their beauty, classy
character and delicacy. Jewelry that we offer will satisfy even the most demanding woman.

Check out the unique TUFSY collections for kids and Moms-to-be.

TUFSY is also a brand for men who want to be up to date with fashion trends.
We offer variety of original men's jewelry that underlines personality and adds a touch of chic.

TUFSY seeks inspiration in the outside world and develops new techniques to bring
it into production, including completely unusual methods of making jewelry.

TUFSY is not only hand-made unique piece of art, but also jewelry
for everyone for everyday use and special occasions.

TUFSY are also unique cosmetics - amber in the service of your skin.

The extraordinary properties of Baltic amber have been known for centuries.
Drawing on these traditions we create amazing TUFSY cosmetics.

We use a unique technology of extracting three precious ingredients from amber:
succinic acid, amber extract and micronized amber, which are the base of our products.

We later enrich them with valuable ingredients.

See the beneficial effect which the richness of coastal nature has on your skin.

TUFSY Cosmetics. Effecive skin care